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Affordable Truck APU - HP2000 APU Truck Auxiliary Power Unit

http://hp2000apu.com | 855 472-0002 | Affordable Truck APU - The HP2000 truck APU
This is a brief overview of the HP2000 Auxiliary Power Unit. The HP2000 APU is among the most efficient truck APU on the market today. Rated #1 APU on the market today by truckapureview.com, our reviews speak for themselves!

For the average truck driver the APU will completely pay for itself within the first year of operation! Leaving you with many years of savings.

Our unit is unlike all the others in that it is a heat pump. With this design, there are MUCH less components, install times are cut in half and dependability is pushed to the max. In addition, the same APU provides heating, cooling and 65 amps of power as well! All for approximately 1/10 a gallon per hour!

Contact us at 1-855-472-0002 for more information.

We may use your comments on our testimonial page at www.hp2000apu.com!

HP2000 APU - "Keeps You Cool, Warm, and Powered Up!"

hp 2000 series 2000-2b49wm, 2b19wm laptop disassembly remove motherboard/hard drive etc

hp 2000 series 2000-2b49wm, 2b19wm laptop disassembly the shiny blue/black cover hp laptop - remove motherboard/hard drive.ram etc...

use this guide at your own risk.

HP2000APU Xtreme Review

This is my hopfully entertaining review. This is a gods honest opinion and did my best to favor the review in the generators favor.




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